Choose Your European Destination!

Choose Your European Destination!

Vienna, AT

Vienna, AT

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Embark on a European escapade with a 4-night stay for two in the winner's choice of enchanting cities. This is the perfect package for a short getaway across the Atlantic or the kicking off point for a multi-city vacation. INCLUDES: - 4 nights in your choice of a 4-star hotel in Europe (details below) - Destinations include: Paris, London, Rome, Vienna, Florence, Dublin, Prague, Seville, Amsterdam, Budapest, Lisbon, Munich, Barcelona & Athens - Room will accommodate 2 adults and may contain a large bed or two smaller beds at the hotel's discretion. Note that hotel rooms in Europe are typically smaller than in the United States. Some destinations charge a mandatory tourist tax at check-in (typically under 50 EUR for the stay), as well as a refundable deposit. View valid hotels, current availability, estimated taxes at check-in, and booking terms at: Location: Vienna, AT Details: 4 nights / 1 bedrooms / Sleeps up to 2 Restrictions: Subject to availability when you book. There will be less availability on peak dates. Primary traveler must be at least 21 y.o. Paid upgrades and extended dates may be available when you book. You'll contact the provider directly within 12 months of purchase to select dates and book the package. Valid: Valid for a wide range of dates throughout the year

LOCATION Various destinations in Europe OTHER NOTES Unless otherwise noted, food and transportation not included. Certain optional amenities may require an additional fee at the property. WHICH HOTELS ARE AVAILABLE? There is a wide variety of hotels available for this package. The hotels available depend on the check-in date. There are typically more options available outside of peak season and during weeknights. Availability is subject to change as room inventory at a particular hotel fluctuates. Bidders can view available dates and hotels for this package, were they to book today, via the link in the item description. TravelPledge Destinations does not provide a static list of available hotels.

A note from Fix Democracy First Education Fund: Thank you for bidding in our online auction. All money raised will be used to fund our youth civic engagement project. All winning bids are also tax deductible. We appreciate your support!

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