Reclaiming Our Democracy – Signed Copy & Book Talk with the author, Sam Daley-Harris


Reclaiming Our Democracy – Signed Copy & Book Talk with the author, Sam Daley-Harris

Donated by: Sam Daley-Harris

Donated by: Sam Daley-Harris

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Reclaiming Our Democracy: Every Citizen's Guide to Transformational Advocacy – Signed by author, Sam Daley-Harris * This item also includes a Zoom book talk with the author. Time and date TBD directly with the author. Reclaiming Our Democracy: Every Citizen’s Guide to Transformational Advocacy - Almost everyone shies away from advocacy as a way to make a difference. We donate to climate change organizations, but we don't meet with a member of Congress or write a letter to the editor. We donate to groups working to end gun violence, anti-hunger organizations, groups dedicated to racial justice, and many others, but we don't become advocates on those issues beyond signing an online petition or going to an occasional rally. Why? Because most of us see advocacy as too hard or too frustrating, too complicated, or too partisan, too dirty or too time-consuming, too ineffective or too costly. But what if that's all wrong? What if deep engagement dissolves discouragement and can actually bring joy? What if you can become an advocate for a cause you care about and feel fulfilled, not frustrated? And what if engaging as an advocate is essential to protecting our democracy? President Jimmy Carter called the first edition of Reclaiming Our Democracy "A road map for global involvement in planning a better future." In this completely revised and updated 2024 edition, Sam Daley-Harris uses his decades of experience leading and coaching citizens' advocacy groups to expand that road map and create an indispensable guide to engaged citizenship, an inspiring master class in transformational advocacy. Reclaiming Our Democracy provides a powerful way to make a difference and heal our democracy in the process. It's not the only solution needed, but is one essential, missing piece: citizens awakening to their power. About the author: Starting with a career in music, Sam Daley-Harris went on to found the anti-poverty lobby RESULTS in 1980, co-found the Microcredit Summit Campaign in 1995, and found Civic Courage in 2012. Daley-Harris coached Citizens’ Climate Lobby its first seven years. The 2024 edition of Sam’s book Reclaiming Our Democracy: Every Citizen’s Guide to Transformational Advocacy was named an editor’s pick by Publisher’s Weekly BookLife. Ashoka founder Bill Drayton said, “Sam Daley-Harris is one of the certified great social entrepreneurs of the last decades.”

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